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E cigaret

Electronic cigarettes were developed about 10 years ago as an aid to stop smoking, as well as being better for health than the traditional e cigaret . Although the electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine, the user can choose their required nicotine level, but moreover the e cigarettes do not contain most of the carcinogenic toxins that are so dangerous to our health. The two main ingredients contained electronic cigarettes are propylene glycol and glycerin. Some people have said that they feel as if their teeth become coated after using their e cigaret and are worried that these ingredients may also cause tooth decay because they act as natural sweeteners. It is proven however,elektronisk cigaret that these ingredients do not cause tooth decay and in fact, propylene glycol is already contained in toothpaste. Diethylene glycol and other nitrosamines that are known carcinogens and found in tobacco are also contained in e cigarettes but in a far lower amount than in traditional cigarettes. Nicotine on the other hand may increase the incidence of tooth loss and dental decay because it is a vasoconstrictor, which means it reduces the blood flow to the tissues in your mouth. The white blood cells cannot, properly fight off bacterial infections elektronisk cigaret when the blood flow is reduced and the red blood cells bring less oxygen to replenish the gum cells themselves. In reality, electronic cigarettes therefore can still contribute to dental problems just as traditional cigarettes do.
Many electronic cigarette users have reported that the look better, e cigaret feel better and feel more alive! In summary, whilst research continues into their safety, electronic cigarettes are already a great alternative to traditionalelektronisk cigaret and evidence shows they are healthier too.